Caring Moments Ltd Domiciliary Home Care and Healthcare Training Provider
Caring Moments Ltd  Domiciliary Home Care     and     Healthcare Training Provider

Caring Moments - where care matters!

Services -  fall into the following main areas:

  • Personal Care
  • Mobility & Activities
  • Household tasks
  •  Shopping & appointment support

Caring Moments is registered to deliver domiciliary care and support with the (CQC)  Care Quality Commission, based on Codes of Good Practice and the recommendations of the General Care Council.

Their have been various changes in the Health Care Sector which can be found in the  the Care Act From:  click here to access Care Quality Commission (CQC) for more information

Health Care at home

There are many reasons why extra support or care services are needed at home. Whether you or someone you know needs a little extra encouragement or around-the-clock care, our team of friendly and caring staff are all fully qualified to carry out a complete range of care services.


Remaining at home has many recognised benefits for example:
You can continue enjoying life in a familiar environment where friends and family can visit at any time

Your home carer will be focused 100% on your specific needs

You have control over the choice and timing of your meals and the way they are cooked

You decide how the home carer attends to your needs, from assisting you in going for a walk, to shopping to household chores to attending to your personal care. The balance between these areas of care is determined by yourself.


Our care services includes:

  • Assistance with daily routine activities: including Washing, Dressing, Meals, Shopping.

  • Personal Care support -  recovering from an operation or illness

  • Support for coping with a terminal illness
  • On-going emotional & social support

Not sure whether home care is right for you or a family member? You may need care for any of the following reasons:

  • You may have become less sure on your feet and require some assistance with daily routine activities or you may have become frail due to illness and/or ageing and need some temporary support.                                                 

  • You or a loved one may have a physical disability

  • You or a loved one may have mental health problems
  • You or a loved one may have learning disabilities
  • You or a loved one may be recovering from an operation or serious illness
  • You may be the main carer for family or friend and need a break for a week or two at a time
  • We provide help for the elderly as well as for people with physical disabilities, learning disabilities, dementia or other health problems.

Like to find out more?

To ensure that you receive the right care package for you and your needs we arrange to visit  you at home where your care needs will be assessed by a team of professionals who will co-ordinate with a duly qualified person at Caring Moments to ensure that any home care plan you choose is adequate for your needs


Corona Virus Update:

Due to recent developments regarding Coronvirus, we feel it necessary to update you all that we are operating as normal. 

All care work willl be carried out in accordance with the current government guidelines in order to reduce any possible risk to our staff, customers and their families.

The following will be undertaken:-

  • On attendance to your property, our care staff will wash and sanitizer their hands throughly.
  • Gloves and Aprons will be worn during the visit of care, and disposed of correctly.
  • If any staff member is showning signs of illness they will not be allowed to work until cleared and well.
  • If you are the person that we are caring for, if you have any signs of un-normal ill health please let us know as soon as possible, by calling our office on 01502 515818.  


Please call us on 01502 515818 or use our contact form.

Caring Moments is located at:

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NR32 1NY



 01502 515818

24 Hours a Day



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